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Q: How and where do I store the hygidot?
A: Best to leave it in the packaging at room temperature till you are ready to use it.

Q: How long can the hygidot be stored?
A: There was no significant decrease in performance till at least one year.

Q: How do I use the hygidot?
A: The instructions are on the product itself. You may also see the video on the product page.

Q: When do I use hygidots?
A: Some general uses are listed under the "uses" tab on our website.

Q: Why doesn't the hygidot cover the entire finger tip?
A: The size of the dot is designed for an average finger tip and the surface area that comes into contact the most.

Q: How long can I wear the hygidot?
A: The hygidot is meant to be disposable. It is typically worn anywhere from under a minute to over two hours depending on the use.

Q: How do I discard the hygidot?
A: Simply peel, discard in regular trash and wash your hands.

Q: Where is the product available?
A: Currently the product is available only in USA.

Q: What size particles are prevented?
A: The hygidot minimizes transfer of particles from 1 to 5 micron and possibly smaller.

Q: Do I need to provide my credit card information to request a free sample?
A: No. We do not need any payment information to request a free sample.

Q: The cards are bent, can they still be used?
A: Yes, they can still be used. If you notice the barrier is stuck to the outer wax paper, simply peel and use.

Q: Do hygidots come in different colors?
A: At this time we offer them only in one color. However, for personalized hygidots you have the option of adding a design and message to the label. Please contact us for more details.

Custom products:

Q: Can I get custom sized products?
A: Custom sizes are possible but depends on the quantity. Please contact us with your requirements.

Q: How will I be notified?
A: The purchaser (not to whom the delivery is made) will be notified of the shipment.


Q: I did not receive the product. What to do and when do I contact you?
A: Please check the delivery address again. Due to Covid-19 there could be a shipping delay. The shipment time also depends on the shipping option you selected.
If you haven't received the product after ten days of shipping please contact us.