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Our story

Touch is unavoidable in our everyday life. Every public object surface we touch is often laden with germs, dirt and filth. The internet has many reports such as fecal matter found on public touch screens, our computer key boards carry more germs than a toilet seat, our cell phones which we keep close to our face contain thousands of germs.  

None of us would willingly want to touch the filth and germs. Also, as soon as the germs overpower a persons ability to defend, it leads to sickness. Every winter season we saw our friends, families, colleagues get sick. And almost every time, one person got sick, everyone in the family or office got sick. This lead to many lost days of work, school and disruption in schedules. 

While it is possible to clean our own items, it is not readily possible to clean publicly used items. The best way is to protect ourselves. Washing hands is by far the best practice to keep our hands clean. Sanitizers help but do not prevent direct touch. Gloves on the other hand are not practical for everyday use. 

But how do we minimize touching the germs and dirt? A simple, disposable, portable, easy to use barrier appeared to be a good solution. We worked on several designs to arrive at Hygidots, small cards bearing a barrier to minimize contact with dirt and germs. Multiple factors were considered to arrive at a reasonable solution. As we worked through this, we realized there is a good utility for this type of product. This gave rise to simple products over the years.

While we all realize that it is not possible to protect our every touch or maintain total hygiene, we hope to provide an option and at least help some people maintain hygiene. If the dots can prevent one sickness or reminds one person of hygiene, we feel this invention served its purpose. With hygidots, we aim to promote hygiene with one dot at a time. Please leave your comments below and be a part of our effort.