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Hygidots - Promoting hygiene one dot at a time

Every day we hear more and more about germs and hygiene. Whether it is our own cell phone, our key boards, touch screens in public places or pretty much any surface we come across, is loaded with filth and germs. There are reports showing that our cell phones have more germs than the toilet seat. There are reports showing fecal material on touch screen devices to order food. We are surrounded by unhygienic material and tiny microscopic germs.

Some of these germs infect the human body and make it their home. Once their number increases to a level more than the body can defend, they overpower and it leads to infections. Just imagine how many times we eat while working on the computer and touch the keyboard. And where all we use our cell phones. The germs gather around the tiny food particles and continue to grow and thrive. And now think about how many times we touch our face with our fingers in our daily life, bringing back the filth to our nose and mouth. 

Hand washing and sanitizers are by far the most commonly used methods for contact hygiene. However, both have limitations and do not prevent direct touch or include chemical components. Gloves on the other hand are too cumbersome to use every time and not always a practical solution. 

The motivation behind the invention of Hygidot is to find a simple way in our daily lives to minimize direct touch with germs or any other filthy material. It just uses part of the finger that touches surfaces and transfers to the face the most. The easy ready to use dot can be carried where needed and helps minimize the touch and transfer of germs.

Please add your comments, tell us what else you touch in your everyday life. 

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